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Statue of Liberation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-Wajid’s father was Bongo-bondu sheik Mujib. He is the leader of all the people in Bangladesh in the heart. When Mujib read in class six in Christian missionaries school that-times, there came minister sheer e Bangla a.k Fazlul Hoque, Bongo-bondu requests him to build a school hostel

Fazlul Hoque likes little Mujib, That time, Mojibar Rahman starts politics with the support of Sher E Bangla A.K fall Hoque and Hossain shahid Suhrawardy. They are many times and many issues involved Sheikh Mojibar Rahman is solving a local problem. Sheikh Mujib was as great as julio kori for his politics. Bongo-bondu philosophy & politics have many famous books in Bangladesh and worldwide published. Anybody can read about the liberation and politics of Bangladesh to read his historical politics book. Sheikh Mujib is a great leader over the world.

Most of the long-term policies have progressed naturally. No one can prosper without hard work and actual policy. The best plan & policy of any guess increase not only himself. Also, It increases part of the social development and future. It has built the community-based. The community is the best part of social the mirror and over all kinds of people’s activities

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All over the world, Everyone tries to build his life and economy. Many else most people can’t reach the archived destination. The corona situation has broken the economy’s growth and human right. Many people lost their work opportunities and loses more equipment sources of business.Learn More
Any kinds of best plane of economy always return the globalize future. But community natural economic development can’t communicate for the corona environment shutdown. More achievements for more work have backed up on the present situation. Majors people have drooped down their earning capacity. Globalization absolutely could’ve broken up its majority on the corona situation. Social dignity has broken down to globalization challenges. The country between relations online can’t establish their achievement. The Economy growth of the countryside has the lowest for the present Corona situation.
Social connectivity builds society improvements. The part of Health, Education, Food, Sheltering Houses, and Treatment moderated the improvement of society. All the part of social connectivity has dropped down its communication for the causes of corona situation.Learn More
The social humanity has broken for the limitation of earn capacity. Many people have lost their necessary utilizing co-operation. Each poor family and mid-label family have no bound their failing expectation in the present situation. One by one more crisis has gathered a new season for the future World. Any kind of effective awareness can be improved in the future World. More awareness and more connectivity can build the growth of the economy and can change the present corona situation. Many policies have dropdown but present generated the people capacity may establish the World.
We will the peoples of the world try to the best policy for recover the growth of the economy, But we are the poor distinct peoples of the world become facing the more vulnerable situation.The visibility of economy all over the world have more slow for the distinct people capacity.Learn More
All essential valued organ, peoples could recover it's utility. More individual people's capacity for the expense is a vulnerable position. All the powerful sectors of the economy improved the people marketing and buying generated capacity. Most of the people are out of the archived collection of goods. The environmental economy runs slow. So, the people's daily utility less effect on the economic growth rate. The ultra poor people, lowest economy label people, and middle economy label people are facing the problem of vulnerable situation.

My Honored!

Honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina is the best policymaker in south Asia. She has more policies for any crises-issue, and she tries to solve them very fast. She liked the people’s independence and dignity.

Sheikh Hasina

Mother of Humanity.

Bangladesh’s honorable Prime Minister has the most honest glories life and the most popular among all the people inside the heart. She is leader of as popular leader as her father, Bongo- banhu Sheikh Mujib. Sheikh Hasina communicate with people very politely. She observes all the matter in her heart.

Honorable prime minister sheik Hasina All planes are so very established. In a coronavirus situation, She tries to save all people in her heart and soul. Sheikh Hasina has announced to make Bangladesh a model-developed country around the World. She has started many mega projects inside the country.

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Many valuable people have died due to the coronavirus. Many Frontline physicians have properly worked treatment. Unfortunately, they are affected to corona by the patient and left life the world forever. Many doctors, nurses, police, the army, and volunteers have been victimized by the corona patients of the global corona situation. The crisis is more and more increase over the world. The money and food capacity of lower-income able people are trying to live in the world. Everywhere people have no work & necessary food. We are the peach world will go a dark life in the future.


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